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Catriona Ward’s Little Eve wins Best Horror Novel at British Fantasy Awards 2019

A huge congratulations to Catriona Ward whose novel Little Eve won Best Horror Novel at the British Fantasy Awards, presented today at FantasyCon 2019 in Glasgow. Little Eve is a 1920s murder mystery set on a remote Scottish island within a nature-worshipping cult and is one of our favourite horror novels of the last couple of years.

This is the second time Ward has won a British Fantasy Award. The first was also for Best Horror Novel in 2016 for her debut novel, Rawblood (The Girl From Rawblood to US readers), a classic gothic ghost story featuring a family curse set in Dartmoor.

Readers of Sublime Horror will be familiar with Ward, not only because her two novels and numerous short stories (such as the one featured in the recent anthology Wonderland) are excellent, but because she has featured twice in interviews. The first, originally from an event in Oxford in 2016 shortly after Rawblood was first published, and the second on a podcast episode earlier in the year.

Congratulations to her and the other winners at this year’s awards.

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