Write for us

July 2021 update: we are currently closed for new submissions and are not taking on any new writers. Please follow our Twitter account for any other changes or updates. 

Our guest contributors are passionate about horror, whether that’s in literature, cinema, theatre, or art. We are open to most ideas so long as they entertain, inspire, or educate people and help them expand their horror horizons. While our focus for a long time has been on literary horror – and that particular emphasis isn’t going anywhere – we are especially looking for new contributors who wish to write about horror outside of literature.

Here’s an incomplete list of the sorts of things we’d love to hear from you about: essays/opinion pieces on a particular angle of horror (or the industry), thoughtful and balanced reviews on new releases, analytical pieces on older works (not “reviews” per se), reading or watching lists that focus on a particular topic or theme, and interviews with authors or people involved in horror (we can help arrange the interview for you, if desired). If your idea does not fit into one of those groups, then still please get in touch.

Getting in touch is easy; email peter(at)sublimehorror.com or use our contact form, if you prefer.


Who is the typical Sublime Horror reader?

I’m not sure we yet have a typical reader but, to sum up who this site was created for, a Sublime Horror reader’s Venn diagram intersects between “horror” and “literary fiction”. We don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. We have also attracted something of an academic fan base from those involved largely in literature, horror, and the gothic.

Do you pay?

Not yet. We don’t make enough money to cover our own costs let alone pay for the time it takes to create content. We want that to change and we’re working hard to make that so. It’s going to take two things: one, create more great content and grow our audience; and two, build up a subscriber base on Patreon of amazing people who appreciate and enjoy what we do.

With my contribution, can I include a plug for my book/website/whatever?

Sure, assuming it’s appropriate. Every author will get a byline with more info about them and what they do, including a link back to somewhere of their choosing.

Can I review new book releases for you?

Yes, you can. Unless you’re a regular Sublime Horror contributor, please can you request which future or newly published book you’d like to review and we will track down a review copy for you. Whilst important in general, it’s especially important for prospective book reviewers to send us links to previous work before making a review request.

I’ve never really written about horror or literature before – can I still get in touch?

Yes, absolutely!