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Stephen Graham Jones: ‘If I don’t get scared then I’m not playing with the right kind of fire’

Night of the Mannequins is a novella by Stephen Graham Jones published by that explores the vengeful aftermath of a prank and a mannequin’s role within a group of friends. Here, I speak to Jones about the new book.

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Night of the Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones review – a psychologically driven novella of rich introspection

Sawyer Grimes’s friends are dead. Or most of them, anyway. 

Stephen Graham Jones’s newest novella Night of the Mannequins follows his phenomenal novel of revenge and the horrors of American society The Only Good Indians, which released this summer to widespread acclaim. With a multitude of novels, several hundred short stories, and accolades from prestigious horror awards – including the Bram Stoker Award – under his belt, Jones is a modern master of terrifying tales. Night of the Mannequins upholds that reputation.